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Published Date Written by Scott Adams
The consortium has only been meeting for several months, but the majority of the group are members of other model building organizations throughout South Florida. Drummond said the group formed because members wanted a place where they could not only share models but also discuss techniques and practice skills. "This is also a place where someone who is interested can get started," he said. "We respect all levels and ages." Modeling can be a great thing to do with your children, organizer Scott Adams said, and that is why they have made the group open to various ages. Scale modeling has been in practice for centuries, according to member and organizer Rafael Hernandez. "Modeling is an art," he said. "These are not toys. They are replicas to scale of everyday objects. The goal in modeling is to make the model look as true to life as possible." Adams said he enjoys that you can do anything you want with a model. "You can design your model how you like," he said. "The amount of research you put into a model all depends on how accurate you want your model to be." For most of the men in the group scale modeling has been a part of their life since they were boys, which is the case with member Manny Schesiter who started building models of the things he wanted and now builds model figures. "With models it is really what you do with it," he said. "...You can end up with a work of art." Each meeting begins by looking at the work members are putting into their models. The models can be anything from a scale fighter jet to scale soldiers. Then the second half of the meeting is spent sharing different techniques from building to shading. It is a chance to talk shop, Drummond said. "Each new member gets a model kit that they can work on and share at the next meeting," he said. The group meets from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. For more information call 561-795-4056.
Tuesday the 9th. South Florida Scale Model Consortium
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